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Our Story

Regis Andrews, was raised on the family farm in Elizabeth, PA. Achieving Eagle Scout distinction, Regis honored GOD and loved his Country. A Graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and Eye & Ear Hospital Maxillofacial Program, Regis initiated Tufts University's Maxillofacial Dental Laboratory. After 40 years in Dentistry, Regis pursued his calling to be a Minister and has ministered to people from over 40 nations, carrying the message: "Are You Rapture Ready?" Featured on Las Vegas Tonight television programs, and the Christian Television Network, his programs have been broadcast on a private 900 million member Subscription-based platform from the Middle East to China.    Called to see that all people may be ready for the soon coming King, the Lord Jesus Christ, Regis teaches a powerful prophetic series on a solid Biblical Eschatological foundation. His question is always are YOU Rapture-Ready!


A graduate of River Bible Institute, serving faithfully in the ministry of Helps in the local church, serving the Men of God put in his life to mentor him, and traveling for a number of years with Drs Rodney & Adonica Howard-Browne and Revival Ministries International, Regis understands that protecting the precious anointing keeps the Word of GOD taught pure, holy, and powerful. Challenged by the religious systems of this age, Regis skillfully shares how Jesus by-passes the religious system, leaving the 99, going after the one teaching, preaching, and demonstrating the Kingdom of God. Called as an Evangelist, Regis trains and equips the Body of Christ in Soul Winning taking them onto the streets and neighborhoods for practical application with every student.


Jody McLeod Andrews was raised along the beautiful coastline of Maine. Not exposed to a religious system, nor to faith in GOD, Jesus Christ Himself came to Jody in a dream at the age of 17. Liquid love, like fire, flowing from the Lord’s Eyes went right into Jody – filling her with a divine sense that she was unconditionally loved. She became a born-again Christian while watching a Billy Graham crusade. Sharing with everyone that GOD loves ALL people and HE pursues them so they, too, can be forgiven, washed clean by His precious blood, and be saved, Jody also became an instant Evangelist!! Jody trains and equips the Body of Christ in the Church and then along with Regis take their students to the streets, nursing homes, public and private places demonstrating how easy it is to lead the lost to Jesus.

Jody’s life has been filled with supernatural exploits on four continents… smuggling Bibles and anointed worship music into the former Soviet Union, ... seeing South America impacted through her testimony of Jesus Christ over a special national television broadcast. Accompanying Drs. Rodney & Adonica Howard-Browne to East London, South, Africa for the beginning "50 Days of Glory" event, Jody taught Ministers, Pastors, and Evangelists daily how to effectively win Souls to Jesus Christ. Once trained, she took them to the highways and by-ways to bring in the great harvest of Souls.


The Lord has allowed Jody to flow in the Gift of Faith and she has seen remarkable manifestations of that gift that result in a great harvest of souls. A graduate of The University of Southern Maine Honors Program, River School of Worship, and the School of Bible Theology Seminary and University, Jody has earned her BA, MTh, and Doctorate of Ministry Degrees.


Regis and Jody Andrews complement each other with different gifts, anointing, and special endowments as the Lord wills. Together, they have trained and equipped 5 Fold Ministers, Church Leaders, and Church members how to effectively and joyfully lead people to Jesus. In their own full-time ministry, Licensed and Ordained through International Convention of Faith Ministries (ICFM), join them for a time of insight into the Word of GOD, a time of understanding the days we are living, and decision-making in these last moments before the Lord comes. Learn how to lead precious people to the Lord and then bring them to church for discipleship. Enter a time of sweet fellowship in the Presence and the Power of the Lord. It's time for your Holy Encounter with the Living God of the Bible: it's your Spiritual Awakening!


Regis and Jody



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