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Great Spiritual Awakenings!


Every Lasting Great Spiritual Awakening impacts the CHILDREN, first!

They become the carriers of the Gospel Message and release the FIRE of GOD!


Dr. Fuscia Pickett once told me,

"Jody, God always moves in the Children, first. As He does a new thing in our midst, the Children get it first!"


Revivalist Jonathan Edwards said of Children in the 17th Century Great Awakening in New England:

"But now we had the most wonderful work among children that ever was in Northampton. The former outpouring of the Spirit was remarkable for influences upon the minds of children, beyond all that had ever been before; but this far exceeded that..."


How much more, in these final days, does the Lord Jesus have for our Children!

    Bring your children, youth, and young adults to experience the presence of God to meet every need they have!





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