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Girl Running with Flag

America’s Day is a day for our Hernando County Kids, a FREE FUN Family-Friendly Day,  to gather together and Celebrate America through the voices, hands, eyes, and votes of our children. Our children will develop a strong sense of purpose and their place in American History. 


We’ll plan on sharing America’s stories as told through Gov. Huckabee’s video series “Learn Our History.” Our focus will be on  One Nation Under God: A Celebration of God in America's History, America’s Government: The President, The American Flag, and Election Day: Choosing Our President. Then they will “register” to vote and participate in a “mock” election voting for their next President! Other Patriotic Activities will include Essay Contests and Art Contests for the age groups in attendance using the theme, “Why I love America!”


In addition to our specially selected Educator/Speakers, who will impart solid American History in a kid-friendly open classroom setting surround by Helicopters, planes, jet, fire engines, bounce houses and so much more!   Local Young Marines and JROTC,  and All Branches of the Military will be represented to share with the children and their parents at specially prepared exhibits. There will be plenty of free food and prizes that will make this a day to remember. It will culminate in a gathering at the Flag Pole for our Pledge of Allegiance,  Prayer for our Nation, Prayer for you and your precious family, and prayer for each person in attendance. 



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