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New Technology & Witty Inventions!

Our TV Ministry is funded in part by the sales of these Technologies!

The Book of Daniel (12:4) describes these End Times as a rapid growth period of divine NEW technology and NEW witty inventions. The Lord has used a few of these Technologies to improve the quality of millions of lives around the world, AND to fund His Ministry through us. Add to the top five technologies that have impacted the world through Israeli inventors and scientists, but LIFEWAVE Phototherapy Regenerating your body's own Stem Cells to heal yourself, VOLLARA ActivePure Cells perfected in the International Space Station sanitizing air & surfaces, and VASAYO Liposome & Enzyme Delivery of  Organic Superfood Nutrients directly into your cells...





Our Television Ministry is casting our Worldwide Net to bring in a great Harvest of Souls into the Kingdom of God! The Lord has given us an International Audience and His specific message - just for each individual.

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